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Installation & Authentication

Contact to receive the Innotescus library and have your API access keys enabled and accessible from the Admin page.

Install with pip

Once downloaded, the package can be installed by entering pip install innotescus-0.0.1.tar.gz into the command line, or python3.8 -m pip install innotescus-0.0.1.tar.gz if multiple versions of python are installed.

Innotescus must be used with Python 3.8 or newer.

Retrieve Token

In order to authenticate your instance of the API, you'll need to retrieve your client_id and client_secret from the API Keys tab of the Admin Page.

To create the API key, type a name into the input field marked 'API Key Name' and click 'create API key.' An entry will appear in the table with your client_id visible and client_secret hidden. Click the icon to copy the client_secret to your clipboard.

Generate API Token

Authenticate Instance

Before executing any code using the api documented here, users will have to authenticate their instances using their client_id and client_secret retrieved from the 'API Keys' tab of the Admin page.

from innotescus.innotescus import ApiClient, DataType, AnnotationFormat, TaskType, ExportType, JobStatus, ResponseCode

client = ApiClient('client_id', 'client_secret')