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Innotescus uses organizations to help users keep track of their teams; it is where members' access levels are set and managed. Only members of an organization may be invited to projects within it.

Adding and Removing Organization Members

Users can add new organization members using the 'invite members' button on the organization's page, and remove them by selecting 'remove' from the options menu ( ⋮ ) next to each member's name. Adding a member also allows users to add them to any existing projects.

Org Member Invite

Organization Roles

Every member's role within any project is determined and managed at the organization level. Broadly, every member is a supervisor or an annotator, however supervisors can have organizational privileges to manage organization members (Admins) or access to billing information (Owners).


The annotator access level allows users to annotate data without giving them access to much else. Annotators are taken to the annotator interface (shown below) upon login, and are not able to view or alter tasks or datasets, add new members, or view project information.

Annotator Interface


The supervisor access level has all of the privileges of the project creator. A supervisor can add and delete tasks and datasets, export data, invite organization members, and view all project information.

Supervisor (Administrator)

Administrators have all the privileges of supervisors, but will see an Organization tab in their Admin page, where they can manage members and permissions within the organization.

Supervisor (Owner)

The organization owner has all the privileges of an administrator, but has access to a 'billing' tab in their Admin page, where they can access and manage all payment information for the account. To change the owner of an organization, contact

Belonging to Multiple Organizations

Most users only belong to one organization, but those who belong to multiple are able to switch between organizations in the upper right hand corner. This allows users to have access levels specific to each organization.