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Annotating with Metadata

Metadata is an optional part of any annotation task. It is configured by supervisors and accessible through the metadata panel on the right side of the annotation canvas.

For a tutorial on this topic, see the Annotating with Metadata tutorial; for information about how to configure metadata for a task, see this seciton.

Metadata Entry

To navigate between metadata for the image and the selected object, use the 'media' and 'annotation' tabs at the top of the metadata panel as shown below.

Switching Metadata

Accessing Metadata with the Context Menu

Annotators can access metadata for an image or a specific annotation using the context menu. Right click an annotation or the image and select the 'view metadata' option as shown below.

Conext Menu Metadata

Metadata Entry Popup

For object detection tasks, a popup will display after each bounding box is drawn with the relevant metadata properties for that class. Annotators can enter values for each metadata property in the popup or click outside of the popup to close it.

Metadata Popup

Required Metadata

Annotators will not be able to submit images without entering values for required metadata properties. If an annotator attempts to submit an image without filling out a required property, the confirmation panel will list all pieces of metadata that still need values. Click any item in the list to navigate directly to it, as shown below.

Required Metadata

Metadata Hotkeys

Annotators can enter metadata using hotkeys to speed up their work. Click M to open the metadata panel, speed through annotations using Tab, use Up and Down to navigate between metadata properties, and Left and Right to toggle values like booleans and select lists.

Image Metadata Hotkeys