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Classes & Annotations

The classes panel provides quick access to all existing annotations, as well as the image navigator.

Classes Panel


Class Selector

The class selector is always available at the upper left corner of the canvas. Use it to choose which class to annotate, add a new class, or to clear the class selection.

If no class is selected, the annotator will be prompted after each annotation to enter a class, or add a new one if the task allows.

Class Selector

New Instance New Instance Icon

This icon is available below the annotation list for instance segmentation tasks only. Clicking this icon allows users to add a new instance of the selected class, rather than adding an annotation to an existing instance of that class.

Annotation List

The annotation list is located at the bottom of the classes panel, and changes slightly depending on the task type. Generally it displays a list of all annotations, or object masks, and options for each one. To select multiple annotations, hold Shift while clicking each one.

Annotations List

Show/Hide Classes Eye Icon Eye Slash Icon

This icon appears next to each class and instance in the annotation list. Clicking this icon once will hide the associated object, class, and/or subclasses, and clicking it a second time will show them.

Hide Object

Expand/Collapse Classes Minus Icon Plus Icon

Using the arrows next to each class, users can expand and contract classes, including sub-classes, on the annotations list. Using the icons at the top right of the annotations list, annotators can expand and collapse all at once.

Delete Object Delete Icon

This icon appears in the annotation list next to each object and class that has been placed on the canvas. Clicking it will delete the corresponding annotation or class.

Delete Object