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Help Options

Hotkeys Keyboard Icon

Click this icon to see all the hotkeys you can use to improve your annotation productivity.


Task Information

If the task creator has added annotation instructions, you can view them by clicking on the Task Information Icon on the right sidebar. This panel also shows some basic information about the current image, as well as each entry in the annotation's history. Hover over each entry in the history section to view the previous annotator.

Task Instructions

Tool Details

Across the top of the annotation canvas, users can see the name of the tool they're using, a short description, and any available options for that tool. To see a short demo video of the current tool, click on the name of that tool in the upper left hand corner.

Help Video

Help Menu Help Icon

Use the help menu at the lower left corner of the annotation canvas to access the documentation and feedback form, or initiate a walkthrough of the annotation canvas.

Help Menu Image