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The 'My Work' page presents a comprehensive list of all tasks available to a user along with options to work on each one. It is the primary landing page for Annotators, and presents a central location to view all available work for Supervisors as well.

View the tutorial video or read below for a brief overview of its main components.

My Work

Annotating Your Work

To begin annotating, click the 'annotate' button next to any task. The annotate button also shows the amount of work remaining for each task.

My Work - Annotate

Filtering Your Work

Use the two fields at the top of the 'My Work' page to filter available work by name or work type; available work types include annotating, reviewing, fixing rejections, resubmitting, and editing.

My Work - Filtering

Refreshing Your Work

To refresh your work without refreshing your browser, simply click the 'refresh' button at the top left of the 'My Work' page.

Viewing Your Work History

To view your work history, click the 'more stats' button, or click the settings icon and navigate to the analytics tab. You will be able to view your work history for the selected time range and see summary statistics to the bottom and to the right.

My Work - Analytics