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Editing Datasets

Users have the freedom to edit the contents of a dataset, or just the name and description. Read below to learn how!

Editing Dataset Information

Editing Dataset Names

To edit a dataset name, click next to the name within the list of datasets in a project, type in a new name, and hit save.

Edit Dataset Name

Editing Dataset Descriptions

Dataset descriptions can be edited on the dataset details page, which users can view by simply clicking on the name of the dataset. Hover over the existing description to display the edit icon, and click on the edit icon to change the description. If no description exists, an 'add description' link will allow you to add one.

Editing Dataset Descriptions

Editing Dataset Contents

Adding to an Existing Dataset

To upload data to an existing dataset, click on the options icon ( ⠇) for that dataset, and select 'add data,’ or click the 'add data' button on the dataset's details page. A familiar popup will appear and allow you to add more data.

Deleting Items from Datasets

To remove images from a dataset, select them and click the trash can at the upper left corner of the table. Delete a single image using the options icon for that image. Deleting an image cannot be undone, and will also delete any annotations associated with that image.

Image Deletion

Deleting Datasets

To delete a dataset, click on the appropriate options icon ( ⠇), select ‘Delete Dataset,’ and follow the prompts. All associated data and annotations for that dataset will be deleted, however any tasks assigned to that dataset will still remain.

Delete Dataset