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Viewing Datasets

Because datasets belong to a project but can be assigned to tasks within that project, datasets can be viewed at a project or task level. Viewing a dataset at a task level will include all of the task-specific information, like metadata, annotations, and reviews that have been added within that task.

Viewing Dataset Content + Annotations

Dataset Details Page

The dataset details page lists all the items in a dataset, either with (Project -> Task -> Dataset) or without (Project -> Dataset) the context of a task assigned to it. Access the dataset details page to search and filter or simply view the images or videos in a dataset. Below shows an example of a task-specific dataset details page:

Dataset Details

From the project level view of a dataset, users can navigate to the task-level views of the same dataset using the links provided in the right side panel.

Dataset Details Project->Task View

Advanced Filtering

Use the advanced filtering options to view all images that satisfy the selected criteria. The dataset details page at the project level provides image-specific items like date added, image size, etc., while the dataset details page at the task level allows users to filter on task-specific criteria like metadata, annotations, and review process information.

Advanced Filtering

Viewing Individual Dataset Items

View an image or video in a dataset by clicking on it in the dataset details page. The image and video viewer allows users to see each piece of data along with any annotations created for it within the task selected in the upper right. View all metadata, as well as a complete history of annotations on an image using the different panels on the right side of the viewer.

Select 'zoom to selected' to automatically zoom the viewer to each newly selected annotation.

Image Viewer

Dataset Item Views

Using the available icons, users can select the list (default), details, or gallery view of a dataset. Each view shows different high level information of each dataset item, and the list and details view are sortable by any column.

Dataset Details Views