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What is Innotescus?

Innotescus is a platform for teams to annotate, analyze, and manage their data. Our focus is on fast, accurate tools, insightful data analytics, and project management features that allow teams to collaborate effectively.

What Kind of Annotation does Innotescus Provide?

The Innotescus Annotation Canvas can accomodate classification, object detection, and instance & semantic segmentation annotations on images.

What are the system requirements to use Innotescus?

Innotescus is a browser-based tool, so the requirements are minimal. Our platform has been tested on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, operating on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. To ensure nothing interferes with your use of Innotescus, be sure to disable all browser extensions, particularly 'Allow Right-Click' and 'Disable JavaScript.'

What formats can I use to import and export data?


Images can be imported as .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pjpeg, .tiff, .tif, .jfif, .bmp, or .dcm files, and videos can imported as .mp4, .webm, .mov, .wmv, .avi, and .ogg files. Annotations can be imported in the Coco format (.json) or as bitmasks. To see the dataset creation process, see this section. To learn more about importing annotations, see this section.


Depending on the task and data type, annotations can be exported in the Coco format (.json), Pascal VOC (.xml), as bitmasks (.png), or as a .csv file. Images and videos can be exported in the same format in which they were imported. To learn more about exporting data, see this section.

Can I annotate videos on Innotescus?

Videos can be annotated using the same four task types supported for image annotation. See this section to learn more about the video annotation canvas and all of its capabilities.

How safe is my data?

At Innotescus we know your data is your competitive advantage, so its security is our highest priority. Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit; aside from the implementation of best security practices in our storage services, each customer's data is encrypted with a unique key, so only you can access and decrypt your data.

Does Innotescus provide third party annotators?

Innotescus does not directly provide an annotation workforce, but we do have partnerships with several who are familiar with the platform and understand how to leverage it to efficiently produce high quality annotations for their clients. Our platform enables users to manage third party annotators with contol over annotator permissions, a distinct annotator interface, project member analytics and more. Contact with any inquiries.

How Can I Cite Innotescus?

If you're using Innotescus for research and wish to cite us, please use the following BibTeX entry:

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