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Quick Start

Innotescus users can get started with projects or learn more about items on the home page using the options below. For more information on a particular subject, head to the projects, datasets, or tasks tabs.

Home Page

The Home Page, or Projects Page, provides a high level view of your account. From here you can manage projects, check notifications, adjust account settings and more! Click on a link in the legend below to explore more of the platform.

Home Page

  1. Status Icons - Access your user profile and view job activity from the status icons.
    • Profile Icon - View different pages of your user profile or any pending notifications.
    • Active Jobs Icon - Click on the icon to view information about a job in progress, or stop the job using the available icon.
  2. Account Overview - View basic account usage statistics.
  3. Blog Posts - See the latest blog posts on Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and more from the Innotescus Blog.
  4. Projects Table - View high level information on every project in the projects table. Sort your projects by any column, or annotate, disable, or delete any one using the options menu ( ⠇).
  5. Admin Page - Navigate to the Admin page to view and adjust settings for your personal account or for your organization.
  6. Help Menu Help Icon - Click the help menu to access the site documentation and feedback form.

Getting Started with Projects

Creating a Project from Scratch

The basic structure of a project is shown below; for help creating your first project, use the 'Project Setup Wizard' in the help menu on the Projects Page. This will quickly walk you through the basics of setting up a project, adding data, and creating your first task.

Project Structure

Demo Project Walkthrough

The Innotescus Demo Project appears in every new account, and if deleted, can be regenerated with the 'Demo Project' option in the help menu on the Projects Page.

Explore the demo project on your own, or using the guided walkthrough, accessible by clicking the 'i' next to the project name in the project table. Inside the demo project, clicking the green 'i' next to the project name will generate a walkthrough of that specific tab.

Demo Project Walkthrough