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Adding Metadata to Tasks

Metadata allows annotators to add greater information about the objects or images being annotated. Innotescus allows Supervisors to configure metadata properties at the task level to determine the metadata entered by annotators on the canvas.

For a tutorial on this topic, see the Metadata Management tutorial; for information about how to enter metadata from the canvas, see this seciton.

Enabling Metadata

In the metadata tab of a task, click the 'enable image metadata' or 'enable annotation metadata' to begin configuring the annotation or image metadata. Users have the option to create new metadata definitions from scratch, or to copy metadata definitions from another task. Once enabled, supervisors can begin configuring and adding metadata properties, using the 'add property' button to add more.

Enabling Metadata

Adding Metadata Fields

To add additional metadata properties, click the 'add property' button. Click the 'save' button to save the metadata configuration and ensure the metadata properties will be available to annotators in the canvas. Each metadata property has the following fields:

Adding Metadata Fields

Field Name

The field name is just the name for a metadata property. It is presented to the annotator on the canvas, and presented in the export along with the actual value for the metadata property.

Field Type

Field type is the data type of the metadata being collected. This determines whether the annotator will choose from a list, enter an integer, etc. The available options for field type are explained in detail below:

Boolean: A boolean field type means this piece of metadata can have one two values: true or false. Because a boolean must be either true or false, the default value is not optional.

Floating Point Number: A floating point number designates a metadata field to be a decimal number. A floating point field type allows the supervisor to designate a minimum and maximum allowed value, in addition to the default value.

Integer: An integer designates a metadata field to be a whole number. This field type allows the supervisor to designate a minimum and maximum allowed value, in addition to the default value.

Select: The select field type allows a supervisor to define a list of values from which the annotator can pick. Each entry in the list of choices has a value (the exported value) and an optional display name (presented to the annotator in the canvas). Annotators can pick at most one value from a select field.

Text: The text field type simply allows the annotator to add text as metadata. Supervisors have the option of setting a maximum number of characters.


Supervisors have the option to make any metadata property required. Annotators will be unable to submit an image without entering values for these fields.

Class Selection

The class selection dropdown is only available on annotation metadata properties, as it allows supervisors to restrict a piece of metadata to the selected classes. By default, each metadata property applies to all classes.

Help Text

When help text is entered, a '?' icon appears next to that metadata property in the canvas. Annotators can hover over that '?' icon to view the help text and gain more clarity on its purpose.

Default Value

Default values are optional for all field types except for booleans. Default values will automatically be populated on the canvas but can be changed by the annotator if needed.