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Analyzing Tasks

Viewing Annotation Analytics

To view annotation metrics, select one or more tasks you’d like to analyze and click on an available icon; note that, aside from class distribution, task analytics are displayed for a single class at a time, which can be selected in the dropdown above the legend. Toggle between views and add or remove tasks from the analysis by selecting and deselecting tasks and hitting the refresh icon. Use the available icons to print, download, or view the graphics in fullscreen mode.

Color Metrics

Just like dataset analytics, users are able to view the color distributions of each annotated class within a task. Using a histogram, scatter plot, or candlestick plot, users can see the color distributions, calculated using the individual color channels of the annotated areas of each image.

Class Metrics

View class distributions as a pie chart or histogram on the class tab of the task analytics.

Spatial Metrics

Spatial distributions can be presented as a heat map of each class, showing the aggregate positions and orientations of each annotation belonging to that class, or as a histogram of annotation sizes as a raw value (number of pixels), or as a percentage of the image it's in.

Activity Metrics

Activity metrics show all members' contributions to the selected task(s). View member productivity by time, number of instances, or total annotation sets submitted. Click the download link to save a screenshot of the chart or the underlying values as a .csv. Click here to see the format of the .csv file for each chart type.


Dive allows users to customize their view of a task using any available metric or any custom metadata that has been entered for the selected class. To view image metadata using dive, use the dataset analytics within the task's 'datasets' tab. Use the bin or scatter selections and conditionally color each datapoint to view your data along up to five dimensions at once!

If there are few enough data points, each one will be a cropped image of the annotation it represents.

Dive Analytics

Viewing Task Details

To view a task's details page, click on the name of that task. The task details page allows supervisors to view and edit classes, instructions, and the datasets that task has been assigned to. The task details page also includes a high level overview of the task's datasets and annotations on the right panel.