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Annotating Tasks

Annotate within a project by clicking the ‘Annotate’ button on the top right of that project’s page, or annotate a specific task by clicking on the task’s options icon ( ⠇) and selecting ‘Annotate.’


Pre-Annotating Images

Pre-annotation allows users to import annotations to a task that won't be considered complete until an annotator submits them from the canvas. To learn more about the pre-annotation process, see annotation imports.

Importing Annotations to a Task

Users can import annotations to datasets in an existing task through the annotation import process. Through this process, users can choose to overwrite existing annotations within the task, or import annotations as pre-annotations that annotators will manually complete.

Locked Images

When annotating as a group, certain images can be 'locked' when a project member is in the process of annotating, editing, or reviewing them. Click here to learn more about how to see and clear pieces of locked work.