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Creating Tasks

To create a new task, navigate to the tasks tab within a project and click ‘new task.’ The popup will guide you through task creation, and the documentation below will provide details on each step. Once you create a task, the task type cannot be changed, but all other properties may be edited.

Task Creation

Task Types

Classification Task Classification Icon

Classification tasks allow the annotator to check boxes presented with an image to indicate the presence of one or more classes. Although classification tasks use the canvas to display images and associated questions, no image annotations are made in these tasks.

Object Detection Task Object Detection Icon

Object detection tasks allow the annotator to place bounding boxes around each instance of a class that’s present in an image.

Semantic Segmentation Task Semantic Segmentation Icon

Semantic segmentation tasks allow users to identify all members of a certain class with pixel-level accuracy. Semantic segmentation tasks do not allow the annotator to distinguish between different instances of the same class. Because segmentation tasks require pixel-level accuracy, Innotescus provides a much more sophisticated set of tools than for object detection tasks.

Instance Segmentation Task Instance Segmentation Icon

Instance segmentation tasks are just like the semantic segmentation tasks described above, only they do require the annotator to distinguish between different instances of the same class. Annotators will still have access to all the same tools they have in semantic segmentation tasks to ensure pixel-level accuracy.

Dataset Selection

The task creation process allows users to apply tasks to one or more datasets within the same project. Users can add a new dataset at this stage if need be, apply to an existing dataset, or apply tasks to datasets later on from that project’s datasets tab. To assign a task to a dataset after task creation, see this section.


Class Creation

Task creators will be taken to their new task's classes tab right after creating it. For information on creating and editing classes, see this section.

Creating Tasks with Imported Annotations or Pre-annotations

Users can also create new tasks through the annotation import process. This method of task creation uses the import file(s) to create classes.

Annotations can be imported as complete annotations or as pre-annotations, depending on the supervisor's preference. Pre-annotations are presented with each image during the annotation process, and are a great way to improve annotator efficiency.