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Viewing Tasks

Innotescus provides many different ways to view a task. Whether it's simply a task's properties, or the annotation distributions of a completed task, Innotescus provides full visibility into every task a user creates.

Viewing Outstanding Work

Any outstanding work for a given task can be viewed in the 'pending work' column in a project's task table. Pending work is any work that is already assigned to a user for annotation, editing, review or correction.

To see which pieces of work are still pending, simply click on the number in the pending work column. The dialog that pops up will allow you to filter by user or stage of work, and unassign or reassign work to other members of the project.

Image Locks

Viewing Annotations

To view a task's annotations, navigate to the dataset of interest via the project's or task's datasets tab and click on any piece of data. The image viewer will present the task's annotations for that piece of data. View annotation and image metadata, as well as a complete history of annotations on that image using the different panels on the right side of the image viewer.

Select 'zoom to selected' to automatically zoom the viewer to each newly selected annotation.

Image Viewer