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View Options

There are several ways to change your view of the canvas, from basic zooming and panning around the video to more advanced video and annotation settings.

Settings Panel Media Settings Panel Icon

Expand the settings panel on the right sidebar to access both video and annotation settings.

Video Settings Panel

Video Settings

The video settings at the top of the settings panel allow annotators to adjust brightness, saturation and contrast levels, which will persist until the annotator hits the 'reset' button.

Annotation Settings

At the bottom of the settings panel, annotators can adjust the opacity of the annotation masks; object detection tasks also give users the option to view class labels within each bounding box. All object options will persist from image to image.

Video Size and Position

Zoom Pan Fit Video


Aside from using the zoom tool, annotators can zoom using their scroll wheels and the dropdown in the upper right of the video annotation canvas. To fit the video back to the available space, use the 'zoom extents' button (Zoom Extents) next to the zoom dropdown.


To move the actual video and view a different region, annotators can either click and drag the video while holding the Alt key, or they can click and drag directly using the middle mouse button (often just a scroll wheel).