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Object Detection Tools

Bounding Box Rectangle Icon

Annotators can draw and adjust bounding boxes for object detection tasks on videos. Like segmentations on videos, bounding boxes can be extended through many frames by right clicking a frame on the timeline and selecting 'extend to cursor.' To replace an existing bounding box, make sure it's selected, select the rectangle tool, hold X and draw a new bounding box; to draw a perfectly square bounding box, hold Shift as you draw it.

Bounding Box Interpolation

Interpolate between bounding boxes in different frames from the annotation and timeline context menus, or with the 'Auto-Interpolate' checkbox at the top of the canvas.

Check the auto-interpolate box to automatically interpolate between all new or adjusted annotations and any availble annotations that precede or follow them. Right-click any annotation or keypoint to manually interpolate; all feasible interpolation options will appear in the context menu.

Bounding Box Tracking

Annotators can accurately propagate a single bounding box through many subsequent frames by hitting the 'track' button with the object selected in the annotation timeline.